Our Premium Service 


We will come over and check out your arcade game, dart board or pinball (or all 3), and get it working again. Sometimes we know what needs to be done just by talking on the phone and sometimes we need to see you a few times. But, that wouldn’t be so bad…would it?


Land of Oz will do everything possible to get your games working properly. Research to find the proper part or service can take time. Some games are approaching the age of 35 yrs or more, parts can be difficult to find and costly. It may take several days or weeks to receive those parts for repairs needed.


We purchase games that you may not want to repair if the cost exceed the value of the game. We will price your game at the wholesale level, many games on line are priced at working or restored prices. We will have to restore game to our standards and market to our customers, can take several weeks to restore a game. In some cases the game may be used for spare parts because of cost of repairs.

Full Restoration Services 

This is a very time consuming process. In some cases it can also be costly. Not to scare anyone but a full restoration will require the entire machine to be stripped down, painted, polished, lighting upgrades, circuit board bullet proofing and in some cases a full playfield swap. Please feel free to contact us and we can discuss pricing that fits your budget.


Looking for something to really impress your friends? Is your man cave or game room missing something? We would love to help you find an old pinball, your favorite childhood arcade game like Galaga, air hockey table, shuffle board, hockey machines. You may also want to buy a brand new arcade that looks exactly like your favorite classic. Check out our Arcade Machines and have it immediately. The possibilities are endless!



Pinball manufactures we service – Bally, Gottlieb/Premier, Data East, Stern, Williams. We will give you an estimate on repairs and advise you if it is worth the cost. Some pinballs have more value than others and cost of repairs may exceed the value of a game.


Jukeboxes: We do work on jukeboxes, Seeburg is the jukebox of choice. Parts and services are readily available. We will look at AMI/Rowe and Wurlitzer to give you an estimate. AMI/Rowe and Wurlitzer older models have limited services and parts available. If we are unable to do repairs we will do our best to find someone that can do repairs.


We love working on Arcade games. Some of our favorites are Asteroids, Pole Position, Galaga and many many others. There are times when the machine needs an overhaul. The monitors are approaching 40yrs and some times just need replaced with a newer LCD. We can talk about the best option that fits your budget.


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