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Who Darted- Custom Wizard Darts Cabinet- Gran Board 3



Welcome the “Wizard Elite” Dart Cabinet 

Welcoming our newest design, the “Elite” series. Built with the same quality as our Wizard “Legacy” wall mount and full size stand ups. This cabinet is very well constructed and fits very nice in any game room/ man cave. We created this in mind of a little less expensive model to give everyone a chance to own one of our beautiful cabinets. Every cabinet is CNC cut for a +/- .020 tolerance. The cabinets come in black or white. We also offer a beautiful Tuscan Teak , Alabama Cherry or Chocolate Cherry Expresso

Just like the other Wizard models there are options to stay within your budget. Please check the gallery images for a glimpse of this amazing dart cabinet. We offer (2) packages which will make ordering very easy. Simply click on the picture of the preferred package and ensure this has all the features you want. This is the Bullseye package which gives the customer (you) pretty much everything we offer.

As with all of our Wizard cabinets, we take quality very serious. The Land Of OZ/ Wizard Darts team will build each cabinet as if were their own. We perform extensive testing on every Wizard cabinet.

Installation is a breeze with our newest feature Z mounting system. Will keep the dart head at regulation height. We include full set up instructions. Cabinet installation in under 5 minutes


Device/ Operation 

Along with a beautiful cabinet. We have designed and built in an operating system which makes playing the Gran Board extremely easy (as it was meant to be).  The Gran Board was designed to be played using a tablet or phone. When we designed the Wizard, our goal was to make game play fast and ease of use. That is exactly what you have with our built in Network (Simplicity). With the network installed, simply walk up to the cabinet, turn on the monitor, launch the Gran Board APP on the home screen and start playing.

We have eliminated the hassle of mirroring to a device and or playing on a small device or tablet screen.



Not only will there be an ease of use Network – Now navigation is extremely easy using the newest touchscreen features. This is built directly into the cabinet. It’s rugged and can take the punishment of missed darts hitting the screen. This is definitely a fan favorite.


Package Includes 

Exclusive (Elite) cabinet (Choose color option)

Gran Board 3 (pro) Dart Head

LED front lighting. (select) the color choice


Blue Tooth Audio

Laser Throw Line

Total Simplicity Network (includes) 1080P HD camera (online play) – Absolutely no device of any kind is required with a Wizard cabinet!

Integrated switching power supplies

Z mounting system



Fully Assembled

Land Of OZ quality construction

Weight 68lbs

Dimensions 24.75″ W x 42. 65″  H x 3.5″ L

Z mounting system




Our goal is to have the ELITE Series wall mount completed in 10 business days from the time the order has been placed. Keep in mind, these are custom cabinets and to ensure we produce the highest quality cabinet possible, there are instances the completed cabinet extends our goal.

Wizard Elite Series cabinets will be shipped using the following freight services. The Elite Series is fully assembled and will be pallet shipped. We use the following services:

Blue Lane Freight (Fastenal) – We primarily use this freight service shipping to the Midwest/ East Coast (destination) and pick up will be at your local Fastenal retail location (there are close to 5000 stores in the USA)

LTL freight – We utilize up to 30 different carriers, in this case used for East to West coast shipping.

Speedee Delivery Service – This organization is specific to midwestern states only

Contact us at Granboard World if you have questions regarding the shipping process.


We ship all Wizard Dart boards on a full size pallet. The cabinet is carefully wrapped and insured.



Land Of OZ includes a 12 month warranty on all electronics. The Gran Board 3s is warrantied exclusively through the Gran Darts Corp.