“The Explorer” Network Control Center – Touchscreen – Gran Board 3s (Not Included)

$840.95 $595.00

Cabinet Color Choice

Please choose the cabinet color that best fits your decor – Black or White is included in the base price

Gran Board Dart Head

If you need to purchase a Gran Board – With the Explorer Cabinet, we have the best pricing available anywhere! This offer is only available for Explorer Cabinet purchases.

LED rear lighting

Adds a very nice affect behind the control center – Choose the color below

Online Camera

The best camera we have found for streaming in 1080p HD

Laser Throw Line

Projects a very strong beam to eliminate the use of tape on the floor.

White Glove Shipping – Direct to home

Please select this option for the Explorer to ship. If this option is not selected, please pick up in the retail store. One of our sales associates will contact you upon completion



The Explorer has been in the works since the beginning of 2019. We have been researching different concepts to create a custom attractive control center that hides all the cords and wiring associated with BT/ online dart boards. It all started with the design and then testing of the electronics. Once this was completed, we worked on an efficient way to hang the control center. Safety being the upmost important, we decided to use our already popular Z hanging system. Even though this was very costly on the production side, we decided it was necessary for a fast and efficient installation.

Here at the Land of Oz we call this “Dynamite in a box”



As with all Wizard products. We produce only the highest quality custom furnishings. Even though this is a control center for a dart set-up, we feel quality is upmost important and should be designed and built the way it was intended. IN our opinion, the control center is a high quality furnishing. This will last for many many years due to durability and the only cabinet needed. Keep in mind, the cabinets are cut on Anderson CNC’s along with Solidworks software. We only use the best equipment in our 20,000 sq ft facility.

Key features – Simplicity Network (absolutely) no device is required. This unit is plug and play. No mirroring or any other obstacles to fight with! We have that problem solved.

Now let’s get to the good stuff – The control center (same as Wizards) will have add on options to customize to the customers specs. Below are the options built into this specific model.

  •  High grade constructed cabinet (fully assembled)
  •  Touchscreen
  •  Dart holders (2) sets
  • Micro USB for Gran Board 3 installed and ready to plug into the GB3
  • 24″ 1080p HD Monitor
  •  Simplicity Network
  •  Air Remote (extremely fast)
  •  Cabinet color – Black or White (use checkboxes)
  •  Z mounting system (Installs in under 3 minutes)
  •  Gran Board 3 (IS NOT INCLUDED) only shown for display purposes


Add On Features 

  •  Rear LED lighting
  •  1080p HD camera (online play)
  •  Designer cabinet upgrade choices
  •  Laser throw line (wired) no batteries required
  • Gran Board 3s Pro & Dash Series (lowest prices) anywhere!



All control center cabinets will be shipped 2 days after the order is placed, only exception are designer cabinet options & national holidays.  If ordered in December, please expect the Explorer to arrive before Christmas Eve.

The Explorer will ship wrapped and protected to ensure it arrives safely. Insurance will be placed on every control center.

Please inspect upon arrival. Save $50.00 by picking up at our retail location located in Muscatine Iowa



Dimensions – 29″ x 15″ x 7″

Weight – 35lbs

Shipping weight – 48lbs



12 month warranty on all electronics – Land Of Oz will not warranty abuse or acts of nature.