WIZARD CHARGER / USB “C” Series Cord Bundle

Get the accessories needed right here, all in one bundle. This is an official product of Wizard Darts that is tested and works perfectly for the new official Gran Cam


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How to check RSSI on iOS

this product will ship no later than November 12.

Introducing the GRANCAM, the first dedicated secondary camera for dartboards.
Featuring Dynamic Auto Zoom, which zooms in on award chances, doubleout checkouts and during cricket
play. Make your online matches more fun and see every shot.
The GRANCAM is small and unobtrusive for easy mounting.
A one-time quick setup, then you’re set.
*The GRANCAM is currently only compatible with a 2.4GHz WiFi network
** Recommended conditions for GRANCAM’s WiFi network environment: WiFi-RSSI between smartphones
= -50 or less for optimal performance (Check using AirPort Utility App for iOS or WiFi Analyzer for Android)

Purchase the GRANCAM ARM to mount to the GRANBOARD3s

Product features:
Equipped with a 2MP camera
Featuring Dynamic Auto Zoom
Auto Zoom on Hat trick chances
Auto Zoom on Ton80 chances
Auto Zoom on Doubleout checkouts
Auto After Zoom during Cricket
Simple one-time setup
Auto sleep / Auto Wake feature
Camera flip
Adjustable lighting settings
Adjustable resolution settings
Small compact size is unobtrusive
Power: USB Type-C (*cable and power adapter not included) – Add the official “Wizard Charger” & USB type “C” cable for simple plug and play results. Simply click on the product image for the add on charger and cable.


As with all products offered on our website. We have a full team of techs that are highly advanced in the Granboard world. Our support staff will always try and help with any products listed on the website.