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Cabinet Finish Option

Choose the cabinet choice below.

Black rose finish – Gorgeous black cabinet with deep accents

White – back by popular demand, this white cabinet absolutely shines with class

Chocolate Cherry Expresso – This rich designer laminate is designed to match pool tables/ bars and other decor in the game room!

Gran Board Dart Head Options

Please choose the segment color dart head below. The segment color choice will be the double and triple segments

Example – If choosing “blue” – the granboard 3s will accompany a red/white/blue/black theme.

Example- If choosing “green” – the granboard 3s will accompany a green/red/white/black theme.

Gran Board Dash is the entry level version that is built extremely well. If you are a very casual player, this would be a nice option.

Xtreme 3 – Upgrade network for extremely fast online playing ability

The “Elite 2” will already have the Xtreme 1 network installed. The Xtreme 1 is perfect for customers that are playing standard built in games and will on “occasion” be accessing the free online play built into the software.

The new Xtreme 3 is for players that want the superb speed for online playing and chatting with opponents. We would suggest for players that plan to play daily online and or tournament play.

1080p HD Camera – Online Play

One of the awesome features of the Gran Board system is the ability to play anyone from anywhere (including) family members. With the plug and play 1080p HD camera, you simply press “Online” and you are off to play anyone you want. They see you and vice versa. If you have family in another state, encourage them to get a Wizard Darts set up to see your lovedd ones while having fun!

LED front lighting (included in package price)

White is installed at the top for a nice cast over the dart head (included in cabinet price)
Pick your lighting color for the (2) sides if you prefer.

LED rear lighting (add on option)

Please choose the below “add on” if you would like to highlight the rear of the cabinet. This option adds an immense glow to the rear surround of the cabinet. This is a customer favorite!

Laser Throw Line

Laser throw line is one awesome feature – Get rid of the tape for good from the floor. The laser projects a very dark red line so all players know where to stand. No cheating allowed in darts :) We even pre wire and install – Only thing you need to do is turn it on! How easy is that

Laser throw line – These are excellent and mounted directly to the bottom of each cabinet. Little less expensive than the mat, however, does a very nice job placing a throw line on carpet or hardwood flooring.

Blue Tooth Audio

In our opinions at Wizard Darts, this is an absolute must have :) – This adds a whole new dynamic to the dart game. We pre wire the powerr cord, simply mount with the included template and plug in. The audio sound has crystal clear highs and dramatic mid tones.

Curbside/ Home Shipping/ Lift Gate Service

Notice if residing in the following states – Please select the current state and we will ship directly to the home via lift gate service. This service will bring the cabinet curbside and bring to the ground via lift gate to the residence.

Shipping rates with all home services have increased.

White Glove: Must be selected if residing in the following states: CO, WY, MT, ID, UT, AZ, NV, OR, WA – CA

This option is also available if you would prefer to have the Wizard Cabinet shipped directly to the home via lift gate.




Players Package 

We get this question often and hope we can elaborate on the difference between a “players package” and “bullseye package” – The players package has been designed so (you) the customer can choose which options are installed into this beautiful cabinet. Some customers already own the GRANBOARD 3s in which the players package allows for ordering without the GRANBOARD 3s installed. There are also other options that are excluded from this package however, they are still available as “add on options”.

The “bullseye package” is fully loaded with all that Wizard has to offer. In a case that (you) the customer wants a loaded cabinet without picking and choosing options, the bullseye is perfect for you!


NEW for 2022 “Wizard Elite 2” Dart Cabinet 


Welcoming our newest design, the “Elite 2” series. Built with the same quality as our Wizard “Legacy 2” wall mount and full-size free standing. This cabinet is very well constructed and fits very nice in any game room/ man cave. We created this in mind of a little less expensive model to give everyone a chance to own one of our beautiful cabinets. Every cabinet is CNC cut for a +/- .020 tolerance. The cabinets come in black or white. We also offer a beautiful chocolate cherry expresso

Just like the other Wizard models there are options to stay within your budget. Please check the gallery images for a glimpse of this amazing dart cabinet. We offer (2) packages which will make ordering very easy. Simply click on the picture of the preferred package and ensure this has all the features you want. This is the Bullseye package which gives the customer (you) pretty much everything we offer.

As with all of our Wizard cabinets, we take quality very seriously. The Land Of OZ/ Wizard Darts team will build each cabinet as if were their own. We perform extensive testing on every Wizard cabinet.

Installation is a breeze with our newest feature Z mounting system. Will keep the dart head at regulation height. We include full set up instructions. Cabinet installation in under 15 minutes

More Pictures

We highly suggest navigating over to our online “Facebook” business page for literally hundreds of photos of Wizard Cabinets and other awesome cabinets from the Land Of Oz/ Wizard Darts Team. Please click on the link below:

 Land Of Oz | Facebook

Device/ Operation 

Along with a beautiful cabinet. We have designed and built in an operating system which makes playing the Gran Board extremely easy (as it was meant to be).  The Gran Board was designed to be played using a tablet or phone. When we designed the Wizard, our goal was to make game play fast and ease of use. That is exactly what you have with our built in Network (Simplicity). With the network installed, simply walk up to the cabinet, turn on the monitor, launch the Gran Board APP on the home screen and start playing.

We have eliminated the hassle of mirroring to a device and or playing on a small device or tablet screen.


Not only will there be an ease-of-use Network – but now navigation is also extremely easy using the newest touchscreen features. This is built directly into the cabinet. It’s rugged and can take the punishment of missed darts hitting the screen. This is definitely a fan favorite.

Package Includes 

Exclusive (Elite) cabinet (choose the finish option)

Soft Close Bottom Door

LED front lighting. (select) the color choice


Wizard True Line Dart Chain (no measuring) to set the laser throw line.

Xtreme 1 network (includes) 1080P HD camera (online play) – Absolutely no device of any kind is required with a Wizard cabinet!

Integrated switching power supplies

Z mounting system



Fully Assembled

Land Of OZ quality construction

Weight 87lbs

Dimensions 24.75″ W x 46″  H x 3.5″ D

Z mounting system


Now is the time to add even more features to the “Players Package”. Simply select the additional features and the total price will populate help stay within a budget

Rear/Perimeter- Diffused LED Lighting – Rear lighting will give a beautiful accent to the rear of the dart cabinet

XTREME 3 upgraded network

Laser Throw Line (Get rid of the tape on the floor) you won’t need it with a laser installed

Blue Tooth Audio (enhance your playing experience, or simply turn up the tunes while playing)

1080P HD Camera System (perfect for the online player)



Our goal is to have the ELITE 2 wall mount shipped in 12 business days from the time the order has been placed. Keep in mind, these are custom cabinets and to ensure we produce the highest quality cabinet possible, there are instances the completed cabinet extends our goal.

We ship all Wizard Dart boards fully wrapped and strapped to a 48×45 pallet.

Currently, we utilize Blue Lane Freight (Fastenal) if within 45 minutes from your home. The Wizard will need to be picked up at the store location which is determined using the shipping address provided. The Wizard will comfortably fit in a smaller SUV or pickup truck.

If blue lane freight is not available in your area, we will then ship to the home (curbside) with a lift gate. Please select “home shipping via liftgate” in the following states: 

LTL home shipping rates have increased due to fuel and driver shortages. When selecting options, we have placed each state and shipping cost which is “curbside” to the home via lift gate. 


If special arrangements for shipping needs – Please contact us to discuss various options:


Land Of Oz offers a full 12 month warranty on all electronics. This includes lighting, power supplies, touchscreen

Land Of Oz will give support for the lifetime of the Wizard Cabinet.

Gran Board 3 Dart Head – Is warrantied thru the Gran Corporation for 90 days. Please contact Gran Darts for warranty service

Land Of Oz/ Granboard World reserves the right to refuse all warranty replacement if abuse or neglect to the cabinet or components occur.


Additional information

Weight 68 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 28 × 46 in