Wizard Legacy Wall Mount – PLAYERS PACKAGE – Touchscreen – Select picture to choose add on options-


Cabinet Color

Please choose the cabinet color of your choice – Also, check out the gorgeous designer finishes only available on Wizard Darts
Tuscan Teak Griglio and Alabama Cherry

Dart Head

Gran Board 3 (pro) dart head – Best home electronic dart board on the market. Bluetooth technology. LED lighting ring. Very solid design. Play anyone across the globe from the comforts of home.

Gran Board 3 “Limited” white edition. Very classy look and feel.

Front Cabinet Lighting Choice (included in cabinet base price)

We install a “bright white” shining down to illuminate the Gran Board 3. We also install (2) side lights. This is where you choose the lighting for the front of the cabinet. The price is included in the cabinet (base price).
We install 5050 diodes which are extremely bright

Rear facing cabinet perimeter lighting

Rear lighting is a very nice option as it illuminates around the sides of the Legacy cabinet. We install (2) rear lights in a nice strong channel for a very clean appearance. Check out the pictures to see this gorgeous glow around the perimeter of the cabinet. Choose your “rear” lighting color below.

Attract Lighting

Perfect lighting choice to set the tone of the evening – Toggle between 8 modes which gives a very attractive feel when the cabinet is sitting idle

Phillips “HUE” smart lighting

HUE lighting made by Phillips will add a whole new aspect to your rear lighting feature. HUE lighting is installed on the back of your cabinet. The bridge is needed to operate the lighting in your home. Very easy plug and play operation. This is APP driven – Install Phillips HUE APP on the installed Network or Phone/ Tablet. Watch this dramatic effect bring the Wizard alive!


We offer either our standard “Wizard Darts” marquee which is included in the base price. Or create a custom marquee with your name or slogan in lights. If ordering a custom marquee, just send us a message or e-mail with the “name” we should place on the marquee. Lead time for a custom marquee is 3 business days

Laser Throw Line

We use only the best laser throw lines. No more tape on the floors for a shooter mark. The laser is sleek and mounts on the under side of the cabinet (pre-installed).

Blue Tooth 24″ Soundbar

This is our newest feature. Select this 24″ sound bar which fits perfectly under the dart head. Very simple installation. We pre-wire the optical line into the monitor output. Simply install to the wall (under the cabinet) and plug in the optical cable to the speaker and be prepared for some very nice sound while either playing darts or listening to music. Stream you tube videos right onto your dart head monitor and turn up the volume :)

1080P HD Camera (online) plug and play

1080p HD Camera – Online Play
One of the awesome features of the Gran Board system is the ability to play anyone from anywhere (including) family members. With the plug and play 1080p HD camera, you simply press “Online” and you are off to play anyone you want. They see you and vice versa. If you have family in another state, encourage them to get a Wizard Darts set up to see your lovedd ones while having fun!

Shipping Services

Please check the following – We are currently shipping Blue Lane Freight – If choosing this option, the cabinet will arrive at the nearest Fastenal Retail Store location to the home. If choosing this option, the cabinet will need to be picked up from Fastenal. We are now open to ship all Eastern States and most Southern States. Selecting this service is very reasonable. Please keep in mind, you must pick up the product at a Fastenal Retail Location

White Glove: Must be selected if residing in the following states: NM, CO, WY, MT, ID, UT, AZ, NV, OR, WA & CA

Speedee Shipping: This service is for the following states – The shipment will be brought directly to the home (curbside) via lift gate: IA, IL, WI, MN, SD, ND, NE


Wizard Darts Custom Cabinets - Touchscreen Tutorial -

Bubba's House- Wisconsin Bound- Wizard Legacy Series- Gran Board 3

Wizard Darts -Lechty's Darts- Gran Board 3


Introducing “The Wizard” Custom Dart Cabinet/ NOW with a touchscreen option


VIDEOS – scroll to bottom of the page 

Please watch the videos of customer cabinets, also the newest touchscreen option



Build your own board with optional features

Welcoming  the “Legacy” series.  This cabinet is very well constructed and fits very nice in any game room/ man cave.  Every cabinet is CNC cut for a +/- .020 tolerance. The cabinets come in black or white. We also offer a beautiful Tuscan Teak or  Alabama Cherry

Just like the other Wizard models there are options to stay within your budget. Please check the gallery images for a glimpse of this amazing dart cabinet. We offer (2) packages which will make ordering very easy. Simply click on the picture of the preferred package and ensure this has all the features you want. This is the Players package which gives the customer (you) the option to customize the cabinet that best suits your budget.

As with all of our Wizard cabinets, we take quality very serious. The Land Of OZ/ Wizard Darts team will build each cabinet as if were their own. We perform extensive testing on every Wizard cabinet.

Installation is a breeze with our newest feature Z mounting system. Will keep the dart head at regulation height. We include full set up instructions. Cabinet installation in under 5 minutes


Device/ Operation 

Along with a beautiful cabinet. We have designed and built in an operating system which makes playing the Gran Board extremely easy (as it was meant to be).  The Gran Board was designed to be played using a tablet or phone. When we designed the Wizard, our goal was to make game play fast and ease of use. That is exactly what you have with our built in Network (Simplicity). With the network installed, simply walk up to the cabinet, turn on the monitor, launch the Gran Board APP on the home screen and start playing.

We have eliminated the hassle of mirroring to a device and or playing on a small device or tablet screen.




Touchscreen is now included with all Wizard Cabinet Products


Features Included In Base Price

  • USB micro cable (board fires up when monitor is powered on) installed
  • Full 24″ Touchscreen Monitor
  • Custom LED front lighting
  •  Network installed – No tablet or phone required
  • Fully lighted marquee header (Wizard Darts)
  • Plexiglass installed to protect the monitor
  • Z mounting system
  • Cabinet is made with sturdy 3/4″ material
  • Dimensions: 43.5″ H x 14″ L x 25″ W
  • Weight 68lbs

Base cabinet price


Land Of Oz offers a full 12 month warranty on all electronics. This includes: lighting, power supplies, monitor

Touch screen is not covered under warranty – Replacements are available at a discounted rate

Gran Board 3 – Is warrantied thru the Gran Corporation for 90 days. Please contact Gran Darts for warranty service

Land Of Oz reserves the right to cancel all warranty replacement if abuse to the cabinet or components occur.

We offer the following add on options

  • Choice of Gran Board 3 (pro) dart head or Gran Board dash series
  •  Add rear lighting color
  • Attract Lighting
  • HUE smart lighting
  • 1080P HD camera (online play)
  • Blue tooth 24″ speaker


Our goal is to have the Legacy wall mount shipped in 5 business days from the time the order has been placed. Keep in mind, these are custom cabinets and to ensure we produce the highest quality cabinet possible, there are instances the completed cabinet extends our goal.

All Wizard Cabinets are pallet shipped. The cabinet is carefully wrapped and insured.


Very simple process. Pick the items you would like to create your custom dart board. Order from our secure website. Your order will be processed and built within 5 business days. 7-10 days if custom marquee is chosen. We will contact you to send a full video of your custom board. Mounting instructions will be sent via e-mail.


Additional information

Weight 82 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 30 × 48 in