Harrows Oracle 90% Soft Tip Darts – 18gm



Through a complex fusion of intricate milling and expert machining, Oracle darts have been created. The 90% tungsten parallel dart is a flawless display of the machining capabilities we have here at Harrows. Divided into eleven symmetrical segments, this dart boasts unrivaled control as a result of its cutter-head grip. A mid-balanced, slim barrel allows for closer grouping and reduced bounce outs.

The dart is initially turned using our new sophisticated CNC machinery, coated in black titanium nitride, then given a second, vivid, jade metallic coating. It is then carefully milled to reveal the final stunning 3 color contrast, completing the look of this truly outstanding dart.

Oracle darts are supplied with Black/Jade Midi Supergrip Fusion shafts, new Prime flights and 2ba Soft Tip Points and are match weighed to +/- 0.05 grams.

90% Tungsten Barrels
Titanium Nitride Coated
Match Weighed +/- 0.05g
2ba Shafts
2ba Soft Tip Points

Barrel only weight – 16.5gm
Fully dressed weight (approximately) – 18gm

Barrel length – 47.00mm
Barrel diameter – 6.50mm

The dart you order should match with the Barrel pictured. All other components of the dart (flights, shafts and tips) may vary in color and length upon receipt.

All darts sold in a set of 3